Giving Hope Through Technical Training

Micro-Business: Sewing Training Institute

•  Hearts Without Borders has instituted a sewing micro-business for both men and women. The opportunity is open to the community and all faiths. 

•  July, 2008 the Sewing Training Institute facility was constructed. 

•  2020:  20 new treadle machines and 4 embroidery machines replaced the original machines worn out from use.

•  The clothing manufacturing serves 200 families 

•  Candidates for the sewing industry are chosen by

1) integrity 
2) motivation 
3) business aptitude 
4) need. 

Upon completing their training, they are awarded the sewing machine and sewing fabric ($100 value). As they begins their industry and sells sewing items, they will repay the $100 which will then be awarded to another student to begin their industry. 


A Note From Bishop Serges Nsabimana

 Dear Jeri,
We are really thankful for your help and support for the sewing school. Your help and support with these sewing machines will really help and save many people.
We bought the 10 ordinary sewing machines  ($200 each) and 1 big sewing machine which is the one that can do more sophisticated things (like embroidery, etc) but for this last one, the cost is between $700 to $800.
So for now we have purchased 20 new sewing machines with the money you sent us as you will see it in the pictures. It was really a joyful time for the students and our instructor, Francine, when they were seeing the new sewing machines. Thank you very much .
Bishop Serges Nsabimana

Micro-Business: Hope Technical Trade Institute

Hope Technical Trade Institute is waiting to be furnished with welders, computers, instructors and/or other social sciences.  You can see our donation page to indicate how you would like to help.  We will include trainers in these sciences to go on 2-week training missions, or, present and participate in workshop trainings via Zoom.

2020 Goals For Micro Finance

The goal of all micro-finance opportunities is to sustain Hope Medical Clinic with staff, medical supplies, and ongoing expenses.

2nd Pharmacy

This pharmacy will be in Ngozi City and provide medicine and first-aid needs for the community without needing to come to Hope Medical Clinic.

Wedding Outlet

This retail outlet will provide a much-needed resource for those getting married.  It will generate good funds to sustain Hope Medical Clinic.  


Vendors will provide food items and a percentage of sales will benefit Hope Medical Clinic.

Hope Technical Trade Institute

Upon the opening of Hope Technical Trade Institute, welders and computer techs will also contribute a percentage of earned funds to benefit Hope Medical Clinic.  

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