Hearts Without Borders is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing health, hope, and healing for the nations.


Hearts Without Borders has no boundaries when it comes to serving and touching human need.  Our current work is in Burundi, Africa: the poorest country in the world.  Seventy (70) percent of the population is under 25 years old and the median age is 17 years because of the genocide.  Burundi is heavily populated with one of the highest densities in Africa.

As a non-profit charitable organization, we have built and furnished Hope Medical Clinic, two Hope Sewing Machine Schools and Hope Computer School in the northern region of Burundi (Ngozi Province). Spiritual health and wholeness is offered through crusades and conferences for all demographic and ethnic groups. 

We continue to serve the Batwa Pygmy tribes who are despised by society.  We bring the Good News of the Gospel, hygiene training, food, clothing, and school supplies when we visit them.  They are beginning to read and hope is alive!


Hope Medical Clinic

In 2023 we received “hospital status” from the Burundi government.  Thank you to all of our donors and hard working staff that have brought us to this proud accomplishment!   In May of 2023 our “Birthing Center” was opened and our next step is building and furnishing our operating room.  

  The average life span in Burundi was 46 years of age in 2005, and today it has increased to 61 with medical care.

Hope Sewing Machine Schools

As of 2023, our school has graduated over 1200 persons.  Many are now self employed and able to support their families with food and are able to supply school clothes and supplies for their children.  Our second sewing school started this year in Masangazira.  

To take the school to the next step, we are working toward more sewing machines (12 students per machine) and also a marketing plan.

Hope Computer School

In 2022, HWB brought 22 laptops and started Hope Computer School with 48 students.  To date we have had three graduating classes.  The universities in Burundi teach computer – but only theory because they don’t have computers for students to learn on,  Our school is now the most advanced tech lab in the country offering beginner, intermediate and advanced computer classes.   The nation is being transformed with IT (Information Technology)!  

Partners and Friends

Burundi Foursquare

Burundi Foursquare is the substructure of Hearts Without Borders. They continue to direct and implement the projects and vision for HWB.


thinkSMALL hosts children’s conferences to help young people safeguard against sex-trafficking, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addictions. Conferences are then held for parents teaching them how to value their children and educate against child abuse. These young ones are transforming the nation!

Foursquare Disaster Relief

FDR Medical Teams bring doctors, nurses, EMTs, and other medical and logistical personnel to touch thousands of people both at Hope Medical Clinic and in the surrounding villages.

His Hands on Africa

Dental: His Hands on Africa: Dr. Thomas Lee and Hope Dental Center is a training center in Rwanda that offers dental outreach services at Hope Medical Clinic. This is our first year of partnership!


MAC’s main initiative is to unify the Body of Christ in Burundi. Their leadership for the people of Burundi are hand and glove with HWB: helping the poor, the needy, the disenfranchised, single women, widows and orphans and raising emerging business leaders.

HEART Africa

HEART Ministry continues to mentor and advise the HWB international board, .

Beroya Foundation

Beroya Foundation adds both administrative and financial acumen to HWB.

Partnership:  We are better together!

The coordination of these non-profits initiate and/or subsidize existing and ongoing missions coordinating with other organizations to bring economic increase and transformation to this war torn nation.

Hearts Without Borders and partner non-profits personally visit the project, evaluate investment, gather government and national support and then begin to enroll financial or in-kind gifts to support the project.

The coordination of these non-profits initiate and/or subsidize existing and ongoing missions coordinating with other organizations to bring sustainable economic growth.


Educational & Medical Services

We believe that education and knowledge are extremely important aspects of both surviving and thriving, so we work to bring basic life skills, academics, and support to the Burundi people.

Hearts Without Borders can take your donation to purchase medicine and multiply your giving ! (By partnering with MAP’S Smart Money Program, Hearts Without Borders takes your donations to purchase medicine and can multiply one dollar given, which is equal to $84, which can purchase $700 worth of medication. See MAP.org)

Micro Finance

We are pleased to be a part of community development for the people of Burundi, including the development and implementation of Hope Sewing Machine Training Institute and Hope Technical Trade Institute (teaching welding and computers). 

The goal of all micro finance opportunities is to sustain Hope Medical Clinic with staff, medical supplies, and ongoing expenses,  including an over-the-counter Pharmacy, a Wedding Rental Outlet,  Drone Photography, and a Bakery.

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