Services Provided at the Clinic

Educational Services

  • Promotion of safe water and improving nutrition.

  • Educate people in the villages about safe motherhood.

  • Educate and help to treat sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS and reproductive health cancers (cervical and breast).

  • Sexual and reproductive health and family planning (use of contraception).

  • Promote sexual and reproductive health awareness among all people in the villages.

  • Provide village workshops about adolescent health and counseling.

  • Teach life saving skills and first aid to people in the villages.

  • Help people to improve personal hygiene and promotion of healthy lifestyles.

  • Encourage villagers to construct and use pit latrines in the village.

    Medical Services

  • Provide basic medical and dental care services.
  • Vaccinations
  • Emergency/trauma unit
  • Menís ward; womenís ward
  • Birthing center
  • Pediatric ward
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Provide basic essential maternal care.
  • Provide and administer prevention and treatment medications.
  • (By partnering with Pure Works and their Smart Money Program, Hearts Without Borders takes your donations to purchase medicine and can multiply one dollar given to $700 worth of medication.)