Burundi Clinic
Project Progression

Phase 1: Build the clinic. Our first priority is to raise funds to build the medical clinic.

Phase 1 Update: “Two clinic buildings (20x60) erected in 2006

Phase 2: Furnish the clinic with medical supplies and establish staffing.

Phase 2 Update:

2007: The clinic is furnished with beds, bedding, medical equipment and supplies, staff office furniture and laboratory; medicine container valued at $1.9 million

Phase 2 update:

2008: water and electricity operational; Staff housing erected and furnished; Hope medical clinic is open for services! HWB July medical team treated over 1000 patients.

Phase 3: Implement mobile clinics

Phase 4: Achieve financial sustainability for the Clinic as it expands its treatment and prevention programs.

Phase 5: Provide current and updated reporting and statistics for project partnerships, the press and other influences to provide multiplication and thereby leverage all available clinic/medical resources.